One Wild and Precious Life

PathEditThe question posed at the end of Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day is likely more familiar than the poem itself. I’m sure you’ll find it on T-shirts and pallet art and graduation cards. It’s a beautiful question. But I think we owe it to Mary Oliver to read it in context. Click here to read it.

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3 thoughts on “One Wild and Precious Life

  1. Oh I love this poem, and particularly the end. Oddly enough I was just doing researching Mary Oliver as I’ve never read any of her work and would very much like to. Is there a collection of poems you’d recommend I pick up?

    1. I’ve only heard a handful of her poems but I’ve enjoyed every one. As for a collection, I want to start with either “A Thousand Mornings” or “Dream Work.” (I think “Dream Work” won a Pulitzer.) If you come across anything you’d recommend, let me know! 🙂 What a coincidence!

      1. Thanks for the recommendation – will let you know what I think when I end up reading it. I have so many books on my “to read” list right now that it’s almost stressful. 🙂 And yes, what a coincidence indeed!

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