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This is where I should tell you how much I loved to read, write, paint, and make magazine collages as a child. If you read enough blogs of creative types, you’ll soon realize that most begin this way. We all point to our childhoods for our artistic origins. “I used to pound away on Grandpa’s typewriter.” “I’ve always loved to draw.” “I’ve been writing stories since I could first hold a crayon.”

The thing is, I think most people—whether you grew up to be a chemist, teacher, daycare manager, accountant—can point to these childhood experiences. We began life loving stories, getting our hands dirty in paint or mud, singing made-up songs, inventing, exploring, and asking the all-important question of “What happens when I do this?” I also believe these impulses to create and explore never leave us—no matter how we earn our paycheck. 

I’m a Midwest-based writer and editor with a decade of journalism experience. (Some of that experience was helpful such as writing features and overseeing freelancers. Some of it wasn’t, like the time I had to research “photogenic” cats.) These days, I work as a full-time editor, and I’m fortunate to have a job that’s inherently creative. But my creativity isn’t kept in a box that I pull out when necessary. If my brain contained paintbrushes and glue and fabric scraps, they would always be scattered everywhere. I never pick it all up and put it away.

As a writer, my work has appeared in publications such as: Minneapolis Star Tribune, Wisconsin State Journal, Women’s Adventure magazine, Wisconsin Trails, and American Girl magazine. This blog is one more place where I write—about once a week for now. Here you’ll find reflections on topics that intersect with my creativity—books, painting, poetry—but also assorted subjects that interest me—mental wellness, introversion, nature, good coffee. An epilogue is the bit of reflective writing that follows the real story. To me, that’s how I see this blog. The real story is everyday life, and every few days I pause here (at The Epilogue) to reflect on it. Thanks for stopping by!

A note: Respect for other people’s intellectual property (including ideas and images) is something I take seriously. In light of that, all images on this blog that were not created by me include a source credit. If you pin or otherwise use images from this blog, I ask that you’d credit the original source (whether that be epilogueblog.com or someone else). Thank you!

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