A Year in Blog Posts: 2015

I’m easing into the new year like it’s a cold swimming pool. Our Christmas tree is still decorated and drying out in the corner of our living room. My new 2016 planner arrived today, just in time for the third week of January. As much as this month is a season of lists (as I […]

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Friday Footnotes

Writing is not only my livelihood, it’s my hobby, my craft, and on the rough days, my therapy. If I’m not sitting at a computer drumming out words, I’m mulling over ideas, adding to brainstorm lists, storing away scraps of particularly good writing, or discussing books with other people. As I mentioned a couple of […]

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Rediscovering Poetry


Poetry intimidates me. It makes me feel underdressed for the occasion. It drops names I don’t know. Sometimes, it makes fun of my plain Midwestern accent. It wasn’t always this way. I first met poetry–where else?–in the unpretentious pages of Dr. Seuss as I read about the red fish and the blue fish and the […]

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