Changing Course in the New Year

The tradition of New Year’s resolutions was probably invented by someone like me. A list-maker. A box-checker. Someone who likes looking over her shoulder to see how far she’s come. Despite that, I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution since college. I was grateful when, a few years ago, resolutions went out of style in […]

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Happy Introverted Holiday

Photo by Anthony Quintano // CC

I know how Times Square feels—after the crowds have dispersed in the early hours of New Year’s Day leaving behind remnants of their revelry. After the holiday rush, I often feel like this—exhilarated but frazzled, and in need of a good cleaning. I thought this feeling was inevitable. For years, I faced the holiday travel […]

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Making Peace With Winter

Garrison Keillor once wrote that the reason Minnesotans love their state fair so much is that it’s the last hurrah before the The Long Dark Time. Of course, this overlooks the fact that September and October are often vibrant and beautiful but I understand his point. Sometimes it feels as if there are two seasons […]

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