Bits of Wonder

Where I grew up, fireflies were a myth; they were as improbable as unicorns. Maybe they were put off by the lack of mature trees in our neighborhood or the artificial glow of suburban shopping centers. Maybe we lived too far north. Regardless, I never chased them on summer evenings and captured them in jars. […]

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Dealing With Clutter

There’s a dried coffee spill on the kitchen floor. Dirty laundry is piled in the bathroom and the hall. My bike is parked directly behind me because I haven’t taken the time to put it elsewhere. I’m not exactly sure there is an elsewhere. At the desk where I write, I had to shove aside […]

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Creativity Never Gets Old

Photo by Howard Ignatius // CC

By age 10, I had missed my opportunity to be a champion gymnast. And a figure skater. And an adequate basketball player who could dribble and run at the same time. This didn’t stop me from playing sports. In high school, I played tennis, ran track, was even on a basketball team for a while—where […]

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