Imaginary Conversation

Photo by Trui // CC

“Live each day as if it were your last.” “Live like you were dying.” You’ve probably heard these platitudes. I’ve always found them to be a little guilt-inducing and not very helpful. It puts a lot of pressure on the ordinary Monday. Or, frankly, the lazy Saturday. This week I discovered a beautiful poem that […]

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Sonnet 115

Sonnet 115 by William Shakespeare Those lines that I before have writ do lie, Even those that said I could not love you dearer. Yet then my judgment knew no reason why My most full flame should afterwards burn clearer. But reckoning Time, whose millioned accidents Creep in ‘twixt vows and change decrees of kings, […]

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Putting in the Seed

Putting in the Seed by Robert Frost You come to fetch me from my work to-night  When supper’s on the table, and we’ll see  If I can leave off burying the white  Soft petals fallen from the apple tree.  (Soft petals, yes, but not so barren quite,  Mingled with these, smooth bean and wrinkled pea;)  […]

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